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>>Egos [among Python programmers] are kept in check [compared to the Ruby community]

That is a really fun -- and typical! -- claim when your GP is a Python troll arguing that another open source language should just die... :-)

Frankly, I've never seen so much language trolls as Python trolls. (And no one needs multi line lambdas and hence real map functions, anyway...)

I don't know much about the Ruby community, but I have a hard time believing they can be worse.

Edit: But sure, the language trolls here might just a few idi... people. There are lots of you with just a few hundreds karma.

Seriously. Python has plenty of good points to cite in its favor, but "lack of fanboys" is not one of them...

First, yeah, I can't mention any modern environment without lots of good points -- and bad points. Most everyone agrees, except...

Second, this trolling attitude seems built in with the Python purity philosophy. It reminds me more of islamists and other religious fanatics than of anything else.

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