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Ask HN: Best place to find a freelance coder?
6 points by JoKa 1473 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite
I'm looking for a coder to develop a pretty in-depth wordpress website. I have a design done, but am stuck on finding a coder. Do you have any recommendations of where I should look?

Elance and Guru have some gems hidden inside - you just have to do a lot of digging to generally find them.

I agree with @sheraz the quality in the Hiring/Seeking post is generally higher then you will find on Elance or Guru.

...on the other hand I freelance and have WordPress experience ;-) [email in profile if interested]

(you should join matchist) (full disclosure, i am a cofounder and we are looking for more wordpress devs) :)

I would like to, but sadly I'm from the UK. Any plans to opening up to us over here?

Agree with @phasevar - you should put some contact info into your profile. HN does a monthly hiring/seeking for companies, freelancers, and such. Below is February's:


PS - I'm currently freelancing :-)

Well, I posted this thread: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5231318 (Ask HN: My SaaS idea was bad, need alternative part time job) about me needing a job :)

Have a look.

My new startup matchist (http://matchist.com) can help you find a quality developer and ensure you only pay when work is complete.

clientsfromhell.com would like to have a word with you

Best site ever. :)

Our goal with matchist is to create the best experience for both parties. We're not trying to sway things in the way of only one party.

Not sure if you meant clientsfromhell.net?

Yes clientsfromhell.net sorry about that

matchist has clients prepay so no chasing for money

You should put your contact details in your profile.

Thanks for the ideas. @phasevar, email added.

HN Monthly hiring posts


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