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Ask HN: How do you manage your bookmarks?
49 points by sniuff on Feb 15, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 77 comments

I have more than 200 bookmarks in my Chrome, I have tried different services to store them online,but every time I changed back to Chrome.

What do you use to store bookmarks?

Pinboard. 25441 bookmarks and counting, carried over from the 15000 or so I imported from delicious a few years ago. http://pinboard.in/u:deusx

The thing is, though, how do you use bookmarks? I hoard everything and rely on search. I feel like once you're over a dozen or so, that's what you need to do. I long, long ago gave up trying to organize them by hand

I use my pinboard to collect links from my tweets and status updates posts, and I use IFTTT and a to:fb tag to post from pinboard to facebook.

I also use a bookmarklet to post to pinboard with tags.

Later, I use pinboard as a personal search engine between tags and search terms. Basically, everything I used to do with Delicious for years

Short story, my own system with over 16k links.

Back in 2004 there a competing service to delicious called Furl (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furl) it would save a snapshot of page you were saving.

The only downside was it was slow so I modified the bookmarklet to point to my own domain. I called my system Lruf (furl backwards) built with PHP and MySQL.

It worked well enough for a very long time, I would occasionally work on it. It was built in a very 2004 way (logic and display intertwined)

I had added other features through out the years (tagging, rating, 404 checking, etc).

Last year I finally rewrote the entire system using a framework, I used diffbot to extract the text from the page and opencalais to help with auto tagging bookmarks. I switched search to use Solr.

It has been a nice little side project for the last 9 years.

http://historio.us -- indexes the contents of pages allowing for search based on page contents, not just domain or title. I have a small selection of bookmarks I use repeatedly in the chrome bar thingy and then use historious (with the chrome extension) for everything else. Saved me a lot of trouble many times when I could only remember a fragment of the page contents I was looking for.

Kippt is really good for any type of bookmark.

I made my site http://pineapple.io specifically for all my development bookmarks. Since then it's grown to be quite a nice awesome database. I moderate it really heavily for quality, so if you skim all 100 pages I guarantee you will find tons of hidden gems.

Thank you for Pineapple, it's such a wonderful resource, plus the design is really great. Did you design and develop it yourself?

Yessir! Did the entire thing myself :)

By the way... This may seem crazy but I knew I recognized your name. Someone registered with your same username 6 months ago. Heh. Sometimes my memory is awesome, and other days I can't remember what I did the day before.


Very impressive, it would be very easy to pass the site off as something that had an entire team of people behind it, everything is so well polished. Do you have any long term plans for it?

That's me! Found it when you posted on reddit (http://redd.it/yh6w3) :D

I have put my blood sweat and tears into it. Ever since being a kid I've always wanted a site that lots and lots of people use.

My dream is coming true. It's extremely 'dear' to me, and as such I'm continually developing it and trying to make the best possible experience for users. There's a lot of content out there and I wanted a place to only show the GOOD stuff, not the 1000's of pages of crap.

Long term goals are still in the air as far as my plans, but it definitely will be with me for the long term, that's for sure :)

"While Pineapple doesn't intend to be the next Facebook (whew!),"

What about the new Yahoo!? didn't know it but I'll give it a try :)

I agree with this. A very well-polished site, looks incredibly professional. Great work.

Thanks :) That makes my week

I really like pineapple as well!

Did you scratch roll it or build off an existing framework?

Do you have any interest in making it available for reuse?

It appears to be built using Ruby on Rails.

I always save my bookmarks in Firefox. To make sure I don't lose them next time I reinstall Windows I use an add-on called FEBE that backs-up all my bookmarks(among other things) into a directory. Next time I have a vanilla Firefox I reinstall FEBE and import all my bookmarks. I really don't need to spend the extra time to go see another website. Another trick I use is to delete the bookmark name and only leave the favicon to showup. It saves space and I'm only one click away from my favorite website.

If you tried other services and returned to Chrome then it seems you're looking for a specific feature and you're not finding it, but you also didn't tell us what it is.

Just use Chrome and try to categorize your bookmarks as best you can.

Here is a simple(and a bit ugly) website that lets you bookmark sites. I don't use it but I recommended it before and some people seemed to like it: http://fav20.ro/

Big fan of Pinboard.in

Same here, since Pinboard is protocol compatible to Del.icio.us its well integrated almost everywhere (also an option in lots of mobile apps). Everywhere else I use just the great boomarklet.

Especially great is their page archiving ... goodbye link rot and you can even download the archives of your bookmarks

Amen to this. Terrific service and no BS.

I run this https://github.com/ttscoff/Pinboard-to-OpenMeta nightly to import new Pinboard bookmarks to my local machine as .webloc files so I also have a local, searchable, repository.

Pinboard it is for me too. And you can't beat Maciej for diligent customer support and sardonic PR.

One more Pinboard user here. Been using it for half a year and love it for its minimal UI, speed, stability and powerful tagging system. 2200+ bookmarks at the moment.

And count in one more fan of Maciej with his sardonic PR. :)

Same here, since the Great Delicio.us Exodus. The really great thing about pinboard is its twitter integration: if I tweet a link, it gets automatically bookmarked for me with the tag 'twitter'.

I use pinboard too. If you're on Safari, Cloudmarks is a great companion to Pinboard: http://canisbos.com/cloudmarks

Thanks for this, just signed up and started importing from Chrome, my Twitter account and RIL. =)

+1 for Pinboard - I've been using it since "The great Delicious exodus". I really like it.

I have a Wordpress install with a couple plugins: http://aaron.pk/bookmarks/

More info: http://aaron.pk/bookmarks/about/

Very nice! I've been using Chrome and Xmarks and getting very frustrated with sync conflicts between the two, across multiple machines. I pipe all my social media activity out to a Wordpress installation and have been wanting to do the same for bookmarks. Your implementation looks essentially like what I had in mind.

I notice it only displays bookmarks for this year. Is there an out-of-the-box way to configure this to paginate or display by year (like post archives)?

They exist somewhere in the Opera cloud ether, and locally on my computer. Sync doesn't work, so it is a pretty crappy solution.

I thought briefly of writing some Pinboard.in extension, but I probably wouldn't be able to extend the built-in bookmarks system anyway.

Chrome sync doesn't work either. :/

I do prefer Opera to Chrome, because it manages bookmarks better, when I need to access them and search for something particular, though.

Hijacking: I'm looking exclusively for a service that allows for images to be applied to the link the way Snip.it was. I've found [related] visuals (even if it's just a cropped screengrab of the site/blog post) are much quicker to remember/navigate through later than text. Been trying to use Kippt, but it just doesn't do it for me.

Kippt's creator here. I send you an email about this.

Same problem, I use chrome bookmarks mainly (due to the sync with my mobile and every other chrome I have) and Pocket. And sometimes also Kippt.

I wonder if there is a service that syncs your Chrome bookmarks (one way, read only) to some nice web UI that allows better searching (e.g. search by folder name, not just bookmark title)

1. Export bookmarks to HTML

2. Bookmark the resulting HTML file or upload to someplace online.

3. Use browser find function.

Nice hack if you didn't have to repeat this each time you update you bookmarks. Just wondering if it was done already so I don't reinvent the wheel.

I used to use Del.icio.us and _loved_ they version 2.0 look. It was beautiful service I would happily pay for using if I had to. I was so dissapointed at the time they were killing it, I never switched to pinboard or anything like this.

Now I defaulted to bookmarks in Chrome, synced and encrypted + Session Buddy extension [0].

I sort heavily using folders:

'by Topic'(abbr. to 'bT') with subfolders for current research projects (eg. Juicer,...);

'People' with subfolders 'Friend A's name',... where I put links received from / sent to folks;

'Track' with 'Year.Month' subfolders;

I rearrange folders so placement of a folder is also a queue - both left-right on the toolbar and up/down in a dropdown (Chrome does not force 'byTime' or 'A-Z' sorting and allows dragging). I also keep folder names as short as possible: S would stand for 'Services' - web apps I use on daily basis, 'R' would be 'Research'. Most frequently used services get bookmark without text - just an icon on the bar.

'I defaulted to bookmarks in Chrome' means its the simplest thing, bare minimum, but it kind of works. Saving pages on mobile? - I get lost here (Opera Mobile on the phone has 40+ open tabs - 'bookmarked', so to speak).

Session Buddy is a beast of its own. You can name sessions there, merge them, edit them, search them and so on.

Tools we use shape us in more subtle ways than we usually realise. I certainly miss 'social' part of using Del.icio.us and I would definitely reach out more if using social bookmarking service instead of bookmarks in a browser. Maybe I should come back.

[0] https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/session-buddy/edac...

Edit: For me 'How do you manage your bookmarks?' is a sub-problem of a topic of 'How you take/manage notes' (including lists, todos and all that stuff). I don't even wanna start it.

I pretty much put everything I want to keep for future reference or reading in Pinboard.in.

I keep a strict minimum. I use folders as much as I can. I sync them through chrome & firefox (I have different bookmark for each browser). I use multi row toolbar. ( http://i.imgur.com/1UQ915E.png )

Also, so as not to flood my toolbar I "star" some of them in Firefox. It doesn't appear in the list but I can still give them some "tags". For example I've tagged all the hipmunk, matrix, skyscanner, easyjet, adioso... to the words "plane, tickets, travel" etc...

I use Firefox Sync to keep my bookmarks and history synced between my personal and work laptops and my phone. I like that Sync keeps my bookmarks encrypted on the server, and I have no interest in a web UI; I just want my browser to have the same resources available no matter which system I use it on.

I do wish Sync supported different bookmarks toolbar folders for different systems, though. At the moment I just only display the toolbar on one system.

I can't believe no one has mentioned XMarks.com I've used them for years. Can't imagine using anything else.

I keep a minimal amount of bookmarks, only ones I visit daily.

For archiving, I use Kippt.

I've been using XMarks for a few months now, after having tried different options (Firefox sync, evernote, instapaper) and haven't felt the need to use anything else as well. It can synchronize painlessly between my various computers and has different profiles (subsets of folders) so that you can differentiate, for example, work bookmarks from personal ones. There are plugins for all major browsers (I'm mostly a Firefox user but sometimes use Chrome) and a handy web interface.

It also has a nifty backup service allowing you to restore previous versions of the bookmarks, should you have erased something important or something else. There are also other services (password sync and open tabs sync) which I don't use.

I use it to store ~2000 bookmarks in a loosely disorganized set of folders. My biggest grief is that Firefox's bookmark user interface is terrible (and Chrome's only slightly better), and it becomes painful to use when you want to classify hundred's of bookmarks.

I've built http://lstack.com to satisfy my need to store custom parameters with bookmarks, rather than tags only (eg. http://www.clojure.org/ programming language, licence:epl, lisp, clojure, platform:jvm, language:clojure, paradigm:functional). It's private and under development. You can give it a try.

Chrome. I don't bookmark a ton of stuff, just things that might be difficult to find again in the future. Otherwise a minute on Google will usually help me find whatever. I used to be a fan of Delicious but the browser extensions and stuff never worked in a manner I was fond of.

Pretty sure I'll end up building my own mini-app eventually for quickly archiving links, so I tailor it however I want.

I had a lot of bookmarks too. But how many times I used it? Once, twice a year? And I never got to really organize my bookmarks. It's always bothered me.

Now I rarely use bookmaks. I just keep a few that I visit daily.

So, everytime I need something I go to google. And I use pocket for things that I really wanna read later. If I don't read it in some time, I just delete the link.

It had worked fine for me. It's simple and focused.

http://bookmarked.in -- It's private, does one thing and does it really well - saves a link to a list of other links! Sometimes I just want to save a link and continue browsing without being hassled for extraneous details like tags or descriptions. Features=1 -> save a URL.

Still use delicious-- 3,600 links. I rarely need to go far back in time (and I'm sure many links are dead), but it's a nice "journal" of what I've thought was noteworthy over the past 7-8+ years. It would be nice to know what my very first bookmark was, but, sadly, due to their infinite scroll interface I'm not sure how.

There is probably a service that could take care of this for me, but generally skip bookmarks altogether and just email myself the URL and a few Keywords that are meaningful to me. Then I can just use Gmail's search to find what I'm looking for at a later date. So it's essentially browser/OS/device/location agnostic.

Here is my method, with just Chrome and a combination of 2–3 organization methods.

I’m tired and not english native so this is poorly written, but it enables me to keep 434 favorites (and growing, I could scale to at least 1500 I’m sure) and not feel overwhelmed by them.


Simple filing from zenhabits’ article: http://zenhabits.net/how-to-create-a-minimalist-computer-exp... I have four folders on my chrome bar, inbox – projects – reading – archives.


Inbox is for things that I must take action on, like reading it (but that doesn’t go into Reading because I must read it, unlike things in Reading that are good to read but not mandatory for me).


Projects contains links related to the projects I’m currently working on, each project got its own folder.


Reading categories from Mark Hurst’s book Bit Literacy: Inside my reading folder, I have:

Stars for blogs (and the like) from which I usually read every article/news.

Scans for blogs/etc. that I enjoy much but have to scan to then decide what I’m reading (HN for example, the other one I have is Quora).

Targets for blogs from my competitor that I want to keep an eye on.

Tryouts for blogs that are good but not good enough that they are on my routine for reading.

For specific articles, they go at the root of Reading.

This is poorly written and I’m sorry, you should check Bit Literacy anyway as it has a lot of info for not feeling overflowed by bits in general (applies whether you’re a newbie or an advanced user).


Archives contains links I’ve already read. With inside a folder structure that mimicks the categories on http://personalmba.com/best-business-books (Business Creation, Value-creation/Testing, Marketing, etc…), with two additional folders for Health and Programming.

If it doesn’t have a category, I just put them into Archives.


For searching, I use the search bar from the bookmarks manager (Ctrl + Shift + O), it searches inside the title but that’s often enough, if I know the title doesn’t match what I’m looking after I rename the title when I’m adding the favorite.

I have about 1300 and Chrome's bookmark interface is slow at this quantity so I use and recommend this extension:


also, it has a great search feature/filter built in

I use zootool, pretty easy and simple.

I'm going to have to try kippt that @eduadordm recommended, it looks sweet.

I use Chrome for all bookmarks I want to share publicly at work, home and etc. For private bookmarks, I use my desktop. (And this is the main reason I moved away from Ubuntu + Unity. Someone had the bright idea of disallowing URL dragging to the desktop.)

Evernote. Although a lot more than a bookmarking tool, once you fit it into your workflow, it is a pretty amazing tool for curating all kinds of things, and you can easily share it across all your devices. I couldn't live without it now.

I find my Evernote has turned into a valuable asset. I used to create browser bookmarks, but without searchable content from the page, or something visual, no matter how much organization, it was often easier to just go back to Google to find the link.

If it's a good tutorial, etc, I copy the relevant part of the page, and paste into a new note. It keeps the formatting well enough, and on Desktop it picks up the Heading and Link on it's own.

A lot of times it will be a web design, or some other smaller UI feature that I like, and will screen clip the design and us Evernote as kind of a visual bookmarks.

I figured I'd share a screenshot of why I find the visual critical and a feature missing from all of the great sounding tools mentioned in this thread. Historious sounds great, but so much of what I remember is what it looked like.


An important distinction is saving content that you like for future reference versus saving links to sites or pages that you want to revisit to see new content there. Bookmarks or bookmarking services are great for the latter but not the former.

Evernote is great for saving content, retaining its format if you want it and making it searchable, including text in graphics. In addition, you'll still have the content if the webpage or site disappears. It saves the source URL as an added bonus.

I use kippt, it is really nice.

kippt is awesome!!! thanks for the recommendation

I've got a strip of favicons in the bookmark bar in Chrome for stuff I regularly visit. For sites/pages/content I want to keep longer-term, I use Evernote. Useful in case the site changes, or goes offline too.

I gave up on bookmarks. They just pile up and I never go back to read anything. Search is so powerful that within a few keywords and filters I can find exactly what I'm looking for without the need to store it.

I want a plugin in syncs somewhere private and not anything akin to del.icio.us. I've had trouble getting Xmarks with private servers working though this may no longer be the case. Any recommendations?

I use ClipBoard.com almost exclusively although I recently started to use Evernote and it's working out well so far. Both have easy-to-use Chrome extensions that make bookmarking and tagging a breeze.

Right now I just dump them into Firefox. I'd like to keep archive copies of the pages, but I don't want to use a third-party service for that, and I haven't found anything to my liking.

http://zootool.com/ looks interesting, haven't used it though, still just using Chrome for bookmarking..

I'll throw another recommendation in for pinboard.in.

I use tumblr's bookmarklet to grab the links. It is crazy fast to post links/quotes/videos etc on tumblr and I don't care about the tags.

I've being using http://delicious.com/ ever since, works fine for me.

I wrote a small Sinatra app that I have on my vps. No authentication whatsoever but it hasn't been spammed yet.

I post them to my tumblr site http://links.amyunus.com/

For porn bookmarks I built http://xstashed.com/

diigo.com -- I can share bookmarks to groups so my coworkers get access to them and best of all, with the chrome extension, every search I do on Google also searches my diigo library.



pinboard.in is my new favorite.

Notational Velocity + Dropbox



I know HN follows the "less is more" philosophy, but one thing I'd really like is the ability to "save" a submission like you can on reddit.

As it is, the only way I can do that is to comment, which probably isn't very good for anybody.

Fair enough. Thanks.

I use Evernote for important stuff, Readablity for articles and pocket for interesting stuff.

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