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Many of these have ambiguous answers, like the country that makes the best optical lenses, who invented photography, axe handle wood etc. There are different answers because they are either subjective (Leica, I presume he meant, but Zeiss would be a solid choice too), Photography was possible the french guy NiƩpce, or Fox Talbot in the UK and there were many US contenders for the title also. Axe handles are made out of many types of wood...

These questions seem rather pointless, it's a case of I know this, so you should too. If Edison had been born on the west coast he would have likely asked a different set of questions.

He probably relied on the popular options. If all your neighbours think of Leica as the best, there's no way you'd pick Zeiss in a pre-internet world without a Wikipedia that has a disambiguation page for every other term. Sure, people on the other coast might pick Zeiss, but how many people were willing to travel across a whole continent for a job interview in those days?

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