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It's a happy day. I was considering installing Windows so I could dual boot on my Arch machine but this has made me reconsider. I remember how years ago, on KDE2, wine barely ran anything and the best games available on *nix were things like NetHack. What a long way it's come! Now we have a prominent gaming platform and ports of some excellent premium games. Things like this are edging GNU/Linux towards mainstream success on the desktop.

I think that one thing which would help here is a more complete gaming API ala DirectX. We can already achieve this with OpenGL/SDL/OpenAL/whatever good networking libraries there are but a project which aggregates these into one would be beneficial, in my opinion.

Hey, we had Heroes III, 13 years ago. http://www.lokigames.com/products/heroes3/ (Also the only commercial title ever to grace Linux/PPC.)

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