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You haven't made a point.

If your intended point was to prevent the tyranny of the majority, then your focus on the electoral college is sadly misplaced.

Edit: Here's the kicker. I ran for statewide office. Last minute ballot filler. (I was pissed the incumbent was unopposed.) In the limited time with limited resources, I tried to visit every legislative district and every county. I was greeted and vetted like a rock star. It was fun as hell. My family were farmers and I love the country. It was like coming home.

You know what? I was the only state wide candidate who did this. Because I had no chance of winning, nothing to lose, and could do and say whatever I wanted. If I had any prospects, I wouldn't have had the luxury of touring my state.

So whatever your grievances, I don't care. I want to end world hunger and ice cream for every kid on Tuesdays. Big deal.

If you want your vote to matter, you should probably do something to empower yourself. Or just wait for the return of farming, when every one will be courting your communities again, like they did back in my grandfather's day.

Or you could continue to belly ache about how all the big bad politicians ignore you.

Either way: Please, continue.

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