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> Good god when was the last time you tried this and had to write an X.org conf file?

It was early last year. The GT 240 is a really finicky card in Linux, apparently.

>I have to write one when I switch from novareau to nvidia-proprietary but it's for a very specific reason - my monitor outputs invalid EDID information. Otherwise, you should never have to write a config file in almost all cases.

I can't remember the exact options I had to put in xorg.conf for the GT 240 but them being there did matter.

I confronted a similar problem with EDID setting up an extra 1366x768 monitor connected to a legacy Radeon 9200 PC at work. This resolution is always a pain (since the value of 1366 is not divisible 8 and hence can't be specified in the EDID block), but it much more so when you have a legacy graphics card.

>The GT 240 is a really finicky card in Linux, apparently.

Weird, Novareau played fine with my GT 240 in my old desktop, but I was using it with 12.10 and novareau has come a long way recently. And installing the prop driver took nothing more than installing it (and maybe running nvidia-xconfig and letting it ensure 'nvidia' is loaded instead of 'novareau'.

Legacy monitors can be weird. I had someone in Ubuntu IRC with some very ancient super high res 13" monitor. I don't think we ever got them helped out.

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