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So, I normally have issues with fullscreen applications - in Windows and Wine. Fullscreen in Linux hasn't been an issue, but I'm pretty sure that's because the Valve/Source games run in "Windowed Fullscreen" so the window manager still gets to control it when you've released the mouse (ie, pressed Esc and are at the menu).

tl;dr: Try adding '-windowed' to the launch options for TF2 and see if that helps at all. (Steam -> Games -> Right Click "Team Fortress 2" -> Launcher Options and add "-windowed" minus the quotes obviously.

(edit: For the original thread, it also works decently well on my Macbook Air with Intel graphics)

13.04 on both of machines, though it was working last week on 12.10 before I rebuilt my machines.

Thanks for the tl;dr.

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