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Did you try using official Nvidia drivers [1] (as opposed to notebook creator supplied ones)?

I have been using Quadros for long time (multiple generations, currently on Thinkpad with Quadro 2000M) and I never had any issue with games. Both compatibility and performance wise for me Quadros have been more or less equivalent to corresponding GeForce cards.

I do however always try to use the latest drivers from Nvidia and I turned off Optimus in BIOS.

[1] http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx

Unfortunately, since it's not my own personal hardware and I really don't need any graphics past an X terminal and Visual Studio to do my job, I'm not really willing to muck with the drivers.

I have a Quadro Plex and Crysis 2 wouldn't recognize it, then crashed when I tried to start the game.

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