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Steam runs great on Arch. Unfortunately TF2 does not, at least for me. Freezes my entire system while loading any map, to the point I have to ssh in and kill "hl2".

I'd report it, but I'm not certain I should due to Arch being an unsupported platform.

The browser/installer frontend runs fine for me - TF2 doesn't even start though, I'm on Ubuntu 12.10 (with KDE).

I've an older Nvidia card and the game installer can't tell your system doesn't meet the opengl requirements before you download [for TF2 12GB of] game files [FWIW that took a couple of days].

Is there some way to tell the minimum requirements or a HCL or something? My issue is the glColorMaskIndexedEXT one; looking at fixes now. There's a ½GB upgrade downloading now. If that doesn't work then it looks like one can compile a shim, http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/846938351...).

Arch here, works fine. I had this issue for a 2 day period and did report it but it seems to have been fixed since then. You might want to try again.

There are many bug reports from non-Ubuntu users on GitHub and they all seem to get first-class support. Valve is pretty good about helping with that kind of stuff, they've even helped debug a few WINE bugs.

How much time are you giving it? Loading maps in TF2 is a notoriously bad experience; it is normal for the main thread to block for a long time (sometimes this is on the order of 20 seconds, sometimes 3 or 4 minutes in some cases).

For me, TF2 runs but is unfortunately too laggy to be playable. It didn't run at all until AMD released an update for Catalyst.

So, I normally have issues with fullscreen applications - in Windows and Wine. Fullscreen in Linux hasn't been an issue, but I'm pretty sure that's because the Valve/Source games run in "Windowed Fullscreen" so the window manager still gets to control it when you've released the mouse (ie, pressed Esc and are at the menu).

tl;dr: Try adding '-windowed' to the launch options for TF2 and see if that helps at all. (Steam -> Games -> Right Click "Team Fortress 2" -> Launcher Options and add "-windowed" minus the quotes obviously.

(edit: For the original thread, it also works decently well on my Macbook Air with Intel graphics)

13.04 on both of machines, though it was working last week on 12.10 before I rebuilt my machines.

Thanks for the tl;dr.

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