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Ask HN: What's up in SF?
2 points by Jonovono 1433 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hey. First time here in SF (I am currently staying in the Castro area).

I am just visiting (kinda looking for a job, also meeting with some people I know, and just traveling - I just graduated uni and always wanted to come here. And will likely be here for a little bit longer) but am looking to meet some new people. I am planning to head down to Silicon Valley area / Palo Alto and what not one of these days.

So if anyone is free/bored and feels like grabbing some drinks I would be down. (Or go clubbing, coffee, roller skating, I am up for most things). Or if anyone else is new to the area I'd be up for doing some touristy stuff!

I am also interested in checking out some startups. So if anyone has hookups to see Google, FB, or really any company that would be neat!

Oh, this is me: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jordan-howlett/59/37b/a42

Has links to some of my main projects and my github!


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