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A London Golang Meetup?
6 points by jgrahamc 1744 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
Would folks be interested in a Go meetup in London? I'm interested in organizing it if there are enough people working with the language (or wanting to know more).

I used to attend the NYC golang meetup, but returned to the UK a couple of months ago. I had every intention of starting up a London golang meet up, but life intervened. (We had a new baby; I lost my job; I got another job; We are about to move house... you get the picture). Anyway, I will definitely attend if anybody can find a venue. (If they cannot, I may have some contacts that I can reach out to...)

I'm not paid to write Go ATM but would certainly be very interested in any opportunities to do so. Equally happy to just meet some interesting new people for beers, so count me in :-)

I would definitely be interested in this.

I'm definitely keen.

Me too!

OK. I'll see if there are more than three of us and work something out.

I´m also interested... I can´t use it a work and I would love to have a good reason to learn more!

I'm up for it too.

Am up for it

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