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Show HN: The Harlem Shake Bookmarklet (Happy Valentine's Day Internet) (moovweb.com)
21 points by hariananth 1739 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

At Moovweb, all we do is target elements on pages... and deliver miracles with it.

nice :) I made something similar https://gist.github.com/chinchang/4666645

I haven't smiled this big in a while. Good work.

sorry if this a n00b question ... how are they able to target just the right elements on a page across pretty much any website?

Check out the source code on Github. https://github.com/moovweb/harlem_shaker

I can't stand the Harlem Shake but I love this.

Hah awesome - check it out on FB or pinterest

Just when I thought it had jumped the shark.

just made my day. I so want a flying nyan cat now

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