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Ask HN: Any startups available this weekend?
3 points by lucidrains 1559 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite
I am looking to join a startup after graduation and would love to tour a couple startups the next two days while I am in SF. I have seen a couple people do this in the past, so I figure I would give it a try as well. Just shoot me an email and I will be sure to reply! Thanks!

More information, please. Who are you? What do you do? Do you have a blog? Code? Prior projects? Are you an axe murderer?

Hey! I'm about to graduate medical school but have a passion for startups (my background is in electrical engineering but I've gotten into web engineering for the past couple years). My projects include Synchtube, Epicmafia, and a small mobile app for calculators physicians use in the hospital. I'm not an axe murderer! I'd love the chance to meet any startup founders over a cup of coffee or some beer this weekend.

There's still no way to contact you in your profile. The e-mail field is not visible to others, it's for password resets.

Omg, sorry x_x. I didn't know that... I assumed everybody was busy. My email is philwang@med.umich.edu . I'm just here to visit a couple friends and to see if I like the weather and the area. Please email me! I would love to meet some people outside the medical field!

I will be here today, tomorrow, and Sunday morning, for those who are interested!

Hey. Don't see your email anywhere. I just arrived in SF as well.

What's your contact info?

It's philwang@umich.edu , or lucidrains@gmail.com is fine as well.

It was nice meeting you Phil!

Likewise Andrew!

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