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Gemnasium, now with npm support
2 points by gravis 1624 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Gemnasium NPM: https://gemnasium.com Gemnasium is an online tool to monitor your project dependencies, it was originally designed to work with ruby gems, but now features node packages (npm) as well. Gemnasium will search for a package.json at the root of projects, and determine if an update is needed. 3 colors are used: green (all right!), yellow (just outdated), red (update needed). It's still 100% free for opensource projects, of course.

The new version also features what we call the "watchmen", ie: a bunch of us manually looking at changelogs to check for security issues. If you think a version should be tagged as fixing something very important (like a security hole), please feel free to contact us (@gemnasiumapp / support@gemnasium.com).

A travis-like badge is also available for your projects, like: [![Dependency Status](https://gemnasium.com/visionmedia/express.png)](https://gemnasium.com/visionmedia/express) for express project (more formats available on the page https://gemnasium.com/visionmedia/express). Of course, your feedback is welcome, and we really hope you will find this product useful.

Ho, one more thing... To celebrate this release, we'd like to give new subscribers a special coupon : VALENTINESDEP This coupon will bring some <3<3<3, and also 50% for 3 months (1 month is 100% free!).

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