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Does anyone have some experience with pelican (possibly liquidink) and rest2web?

There are many static website generators, but I'm looking into a python+ReST solution. I've been using rest2web a lot, and I really love it's simplicity compared to the other solutions. rest2web is really straightforward. In the end, it's the python-docutils module that does most of the work anyway, while rest2web simply collects the website structure.

The only downside is that rest2web lacks a bit of polish, and I really wished it would come with the ability to generate rss feeds for a particular tree or tag. I was thinking about writing a plugin, but I'm unsure.

pelican seem to be already be done for the purpose. Actually, pelican seem to target mostly blogs, while I actually just want "a feed of changes" for a particular directory tree. I don't want a blog-turned-into-a-website approach.

Does anybody had this problem? I'm really looking for feedback from people that used rest2web here and moved to pelican/liquidink, or back maybe. Figuring out the limitations of these tools require a long time investment and I cannot really decide by just trying it out on toy pages.

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