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Having gotten a new pair of glasses just this week, and having worn a variety of glasses and contact lens over the past 25 years, I consider laser surgery every now and then, discuss it with the eye surgeons, but then stop when I consider one point - they are willing to perform the surgery, and are happy to recommend it, yet they wore glasses - they did not seem willing to have it done on their own eyes.

Always struck me as a bit odd - like a pub landlord who refuses to even taste any of his beers. Not the best indicator for trust and confidence.

That said, I have two friends who opted to have it done, one had perfect results, the other has a persistant issue with halo/floater artifacts in one eye.

Are the doctors older? LASIK doesn't help if your eyesight gets worse due to old age. Your eye muscles will get worse and then you cannot focus as well on near objects. That is the reason many "old" (it may start as early as 45 or not until well into the 60s) people need to wear glasses.

Just an idea, but a better alternative would be to ask them why they still wear glasses.

One particular surgeon was not too old, his glasses corrected mild myopia and a slight astigmatism. When I actually put him on the spot about the laser surgery question, his reply, which was reasonable and honest, was that surgery is a personal choice, and he personally appreciated the advances and refinements in the techniques employed, but still preferred to wait and see re: long term effects in patients.

I imagine the minor risks that are acceptable to most people could be career-ending for a surgeon.

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