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I cant stop myself from saying this. You wrote all this instead of doing what?

Normally I would just downvote you and move on, but in this case your comment is frustrating enough that I have to say something. I found the comment you responded to (by nsrivast) quite fascinating. A well-written but brief analysis of the problem, with sources attached for further reading -- what's not to like? In-depth and thoughtful comments like that are what keep me coming back to this site, and are what make the community great.

I for one am very thankful that nsrivast took the time to write something so technical and detailed. However, I found your response to be in extremely poor taste. It added nothing to the conversation, and IMHO was rude and unnecessary.


Yes. Really. Some people[1] spend their time writing lengthy and technical posts about specific technical issues. The rest of the world benefits from this. And the person writing the post benefits too, because trying to write something like that makes you smarter. Perhaps you should try it sometime.

[1] - I occasionally do this.

your handle is humbledrone and your opinions are humbled. Boy am i impressed!

Maybe he's off work? Maybe he's "decompressing" from a hard problem at his job? Maybe you should STFU and enjoy the free information you are getting?

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