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Tell HN: Stripe is coming to UK. I just got invited to the limited beta.
17 points by chinmoy 1743 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
Well, as the title says, I just got an email to join the limited beta. This is awesome for all UK developers who needs to accept online payments. How many of you received this email?

"In what we’re putting down to a bout of Valentine’s Day confusion — or a desire to keep the launch quiet — Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison tells us that emails about the UK beta were sent out to some users “in error”. So, despite some employees confirming the UK launch, Collison claims it isn’t happening. We’re continuing to look into this."


I would love an invite! Have also been on the list from the begging.


To anyone from Stripe reading this, I will give everyone at stripe a voucher for my website http://www.posterhaste.com/ if I could have an invite! Would love to move off Paypal!


I would love an invite! I was just about to sign up with one of their competitors but would prefer to use Stripe.

OMG that's a good new! Just moved to the uk and would love to ditch paypal for Stripe for me business!

That's good news for UK.

I'm in Sweden and been on that list since Stripe went public in USA, no email love here.

i am in Uk and been on their list since forever and did not receive anything :(

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