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My personal office has a private bathroom, a flat screen TV, a couch, microwave, fridge, balcony, bar and barstools. I can bring my dog every day. Best of all I sleep in whenever I want and take naps during the day. Did I mention I think working from home is the future?

I must disagree. While technology has certainly enabled remote working I do not believe that is the future. Google, for all of it's whimsy, is on the right track.

Though many dot-com and ad agencies may make their offices look like adult day-care, I think the underlying ideas at play are the future:

  * Physically and emotionally warm environments
  * huddle spaces for face-to-face collaboration
  * low ceilings create a quiet conference and intimacy
Google has made multiple living rooms in the building. They've taken what you love at home and brought it into a professional settings. In many ways the Silicon Valley startup houses have done the opposite to equally great effect. They brought the office into the home.

That's interesting -- I've always heard that higher ceilings can promote creativity. Is there an optimal middle-ground between intimate low ceilings and creative high ceilings?

I don't know. I'm just pulling from personal experience. The best spaces I've found have actually been dim, warm, and cozy. I find that my best development hours are late at night, wether in the office or at home.

But for other parts of business (research, email, document editing, etc) I have found the war-rooms and coffee-shops to be a better fit.

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