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There's also Genndy Tartakovsky with Samurai Jack and Dexters Laboratory, although I realize they're in early 2000 - they're both excellent. Sad that his first foray into feature films is Hotel Transylvania.

Samurai Jack was amazing. I was really hoping for a resolution to that show.

It seems like he still wants to make awesome, and is at least well aware of the challenges he faces in selling people on buying into what may be a limited (albeit super dedicated audience)


Loved Dexter's Laboratory. I missed most of Samurai Jack, but what I did see was good. Adult Swim is currently showing Sym-Bionic Titan on Saturdays at 2am (so that would technically be Sunday at 2am). It's pretty good too.

Did they make more than one season of Sym-Bionic Titan? I thought the art was gorgeous, but it felt like a decent high school drama, an awesome "large mecha fighting monsters" drama, but that the two halves didn't blend well at all. The strongest episodes were the ones that were either entirely in the high school, or entirely in the suit.

I also enjoyed the political stuff & (oddly) the robot dating the cheerleader.

Well, at least it was a commercial success, so he has the opportunity to make more films... :)

That's exactly what I said to my wife. At least he'll get to keep making films. At one time, he was heading up the Astro Boy movie. That might have been amazing.

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