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"If the reporter had explained that he was intentionally trying to simulate "normal use" by not plugging in the car at night."

That runs at odds with a claim made on Tesla's site: "The Model S battery will not lose a significant amount of charge when parked for long periods of time. For example, Model S owners can park at the airport without plugging in." (http://www.teslamotors.com/models/facts)

Either Tesla is lying when it claims that it won't lose a significant amount of charge, or Tesla is not lying (which would imply that not charging overnight doesn't really matter)

Interesting, the manual says: "Tesla strongly recommends leaving Model S plugged in when not in use" and "The most important way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR MODEL S PLUGGED IN when you’re not using it" and "Tesla recommends charging Model S each night or when convenient to maintain optimum driving range and battery health. If you go on vacation, plug in your Model S before you leave."*

But this also doesn't say that you can expect to lose 65 mile range in the cold if it's not plugged in. This is very good information to know and not at all what's implied by the link you provide, but it would have been good if the article had discussed all this in full context.

* http://www.teslamotors.com/sites/default/files/blog_attachme...

To be fair immediately above the point you mention it says

"... The Tesla battery is optimized for nightly charging: topping off frequently enhances the longevity of your battery."

So though I agree that the author has a good argument he should have mentioned that Tesla does advise nightly charging albeit for battery maintenance rather than to guard against charge loss.

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