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Ask HN: Ok to use HN for our blog comments?
5 points by Bradosaur 1567 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
Comment threads on Wordpress blogs across the internet are often low-quality, whereas people seem to be well behaved and insightful on HN. Is it okay to simply have a "Discuss this post on [Hacker News]" on every blog post?

Is there a posting rate above which this would be unacceptable? I don't want to flood the "new" section.

"Comment threads on Wordpress blogs across the internet are often low-quality"

I'd recommend switching to Facebook comments for your own blog if that's the concern. It improves quality dramatically.

Yep, or even better, Disqus. This gives people the option of using multiple accounts they already have, and people are concerned with their reputation, which always helps behavior.

If I go with an in-Wordpress solution, it'll probably be Disqus. I initially liked the idea of having a clean troll-less page for users who don't care about commenting. Maybe this is just vanity. I also like having the entire discussion in one place, instead of a thread on HN and another thread on my blog.

Your site will probably be banned. Instead of submitting, just check HN or one of the unofficial APIs programmatically and append the discussion link to a URL if that article is submitted.

A link back to HN is generally enough when I'm on a blog post.

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