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password should be fixed.

I haven't found a great site for scrapable stats. I'm using http://msn.foxsports.com/cbk/stats which is at least a step up from ESPN's stats.

If anyone has a better source, I'd be very interested as well. And if anyone wants to create one -- I guarantee it will make money from sports touts, especially if you niche down to one sport and charge less than statfox.com

pass still isn't working for me.

OK - it's open for anyone now. If not, I've tried again to make the password hackernews

nope. maybe jottit is working off of a stale pass or something?

OK - screw jottit then. It's set to 'anyone can view and edit' and i've changed the password to hackernews like 5 times.

Can someone recommend a similar site?

In the meantime -- don't even worry about posting the algorithm. If your bracket starts to kick ass, just email me with your description or a link to your personal blog post about it, and we'll have a writeup of the top performers. Or -- easiest solution yet -- just post it as a message in the Yahoo! group.


Built on CouchDB by the way.

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