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A lot of us don't think one of the is even a problem.


> A lot of us don't think one of the is even a problem.

The rest of us think that this attitude is part of the problem.

I have a problem: People don't take conspiracy facts and theories seriously. I also think this is a much, much bigger problem than sexism in the workplace. Will you stop what you're doing and work on my problem?

EDIT: You're welcome to work on whatever problem you want. Don't try and tell me what my priorities are though. I disagree with you.

I personally think we should drop everything we're doing RIGHT NOW and work on solving the issue of the heat death of the universe. Everything else can wait.

What if both are different aspects of the same problem?

You are a minority. The Western World has moved on, and disapproves of sexism.

The majority of the western world doesn't think such BS is sexism as the Americans and the British mostly do.

Oh, and using the "western world" as a sign of some "superiority" moral or otherwise, is extremely racist. The majority of the world doesn't think the "western world" as that advanced or superior anyway. Not to mention that the majority of the world still has deep scars and mourns its people because of the "western world" colonisation and treating them as slaves.

Not to mention that people living in a country where a young girl dies giving birth because she was denied an abortion don't get to say what the "western world" does.

(Nor do people living in a country that still has the death penalty and had black/white segregation until 40 years ago).

I was trying to say how the most people in the western world disagree with sexism. I know there are people all over the world who agree with and disagree with sexism.

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