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>“Heymann saw Aaron as a scalp he could take,” she wrote. “He thought he could lock Aaron up, get high-profile press coverage, and win high-fives from his fellow prosecutors in the lunchroom. Aaron was a way of reviving Heymann’s fading career. Heymann had no interest in an honest assessment of whether Aaron deserved any of the hell he was being put through.”

I get that this girl is upset and feeling vocal, but she's drawing these conclusions and painting this picture for a person about which she knows nothing. I feel like everyone is doing this a lot lately: talking about Aaron like he is a simple, sweet martyr, and about Heymann like he's the warden from Shawshank Redemption.

I'm really trying not to come off as contrarian for contrarian's sake, but this kind of demonizing seems really counterproductive to me. It goes without saying that the prosecutors of this case took it too far, and that the justice system is incredibly unbalanced. Why can't those facts alone be enough without turning the involved people into charicatures?

Everyone was playing their part, and it got messy. It's like Tommy Lee Jones responding to Harrison Ford's "I didn't do it!" in The Fugitive: "I don't care." I doubt Heymann was sitting in his office cackling about "scalping" Aaron. It was just another case on his docket that he was trying to put to rest. The real problem is that his incentive is not to be fair or find truth, but to convict and incarcerate at all costs.

I am definitely going to have to sit down in front of a movie screen sometime soon. I've really missed out on how to think about stuff.

If I could only get someone to follow me around playing music, I'd have a soundtrack to help me feel stuff, too.

When I see such responses, I feel that how undeveloped human mind is. How hard is it to understand that when you hold a job related to justice and you are the prosecutor, it does not give you the right to misuse your power.

If justice is always given by books, my god I don't think even a single person will be barred from facing sentence. You always have to look at it from human perspective.

You cannot threaten someone who stole something with life imprisonment of 35 years, that is plain bullshit. I don't understand why people find it difficult to understand.

"...his incentive is not to be fair or find truth, but to convict and incarcerate at all costs."

Really? Does his job description say that bring as harsh punishment as possible to any kind of crime.

Does not matter even if the text says so, I think we can expect people holding such positions be intelligent enough to understand beyond black and white words.

Didn't they offer him six months in jail? It's not like they were cleaning the needle.

My mom did ten years for a probation violation (granted it was killing my abusive father) but she only did time served on the original charge.

So if six months was a option I'm not sure why he didn't take it. And to be honest I do believe he committed a crime and six months was reasonable. In my eyes masking yourself and sneaking into a server closet isn't different from using SSH.

From what I understand, he didn't take the six months due to (a) not wanting to be branded a felon for life, and (b) fear of being raped.

Ergo, the prosecutor should have dropped the case... because he didn't want to be branded a felon, or feared rape?

As valid as those concerns may be, neither of them is a reason to discontinue prosecution...

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