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Author seems mistaken. Ortiz hit 25,000 before the White House raised the required amount to 100,000.

Since the Heymann petition didn't reach the mark before the cap was raised, there are another 75,000-or-so to go. Ortiz was grandfathered in.

edit: I thought only completed petitions were grandfathered in, but it appears I'm wrong and just having a petition started before the change is sufficient for grandfathered-status.

I believe both petitions were grandfathered in. And the site does indicate the "fire Stephen Heymann" petition has met the requirement. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/fire-assistant-us-... "Signatures needed by February 11, 2013 to reach goal of 25,000: 0"

So the Forbes author does not appear to be mistaken.

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