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It will be very interesting to see the administration's response, which is, remember, all that's promised.

When they were in the early decision phase that resulted in the petitions website, they certainly would have realized that such a system would very quickly become overrun with pleas for Presidential Pardons, intercession in ongoing investigations/prosecutions, and, as in this case, for punishment of a government employee who is perceived to abuse their power. That's what the thresholds are for.

They knew this would happen; and they're already prepared. I predict the response will boil down to "we can't interfere with the machinery of Justice, etc." Their reply will give a lot of good points to support this, but will subtly rely on the people confusing prosecutors as being Judicial rather than Executive employees. Mr. Heymann and Ms. Ortiz will keep their jobs, though Heymann may no longer be put on "hacking" cases.

"Governments have generally not recognized the legitimacy of civil disobedience or viewed political objectives as an excuse for breaking the law." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_disobedience

I would like to believe we live in a time when there is some self-reflection and self-correction on the part of the machinery of justice.

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