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All they're promising to do is start a dialogue around the issues their citizens feel most strongly about. It sounds like a good use of technology, and an excellent strategy to stay connected to the people who ultimately decide whether you stay or go.

Better than focussing more attention on behind the scenes corporate lobbying at least.

...and they fail to start such dialogue, unless the issue is shallow and pedantic (yes, that is a nod to Seth MacFarlane). When people asked for a response to Chris Dodd's remarks following the SOPA protests, what did the administration say? "No comment!" The response to legalizing marijuana was an outright lie -- a claim that the administration's policy was "balanced," when in reality the Obama administration set a new record for paramilitary raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, having engaged in more raids in just two years than in all eight years under Bush.

If the administration wants to engage in dialogue with the people, they should do so -- without lying, without avoiding tough questions, without trying to divert our attention to irrelevant distractions.

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