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Yeah I'm afraid this may just go the way of several other petitions regarding judicial cases, in which the response was basically "here is why we aren't going to respond".

In this case I feel some sort of real response is deserved even if I think it is highly unlikely that they can or will do anything as serious as firing people.

Why do we deserve a response from the White House? What can the White House possibly say to appease us if they cannot or will not do what we ask?

Uh, we deserve a response because they agreed to give us one?

I am not expecting a response that pleases me. We nevertheless deserve what they have agreed to give.

"What happened was a tragedy. We cannot comment further as the investigation into the incident is ongoing."

There, I saved you all the anguish and the time wasted writing up Forbes articles on how we deserve a "response" from the White House. Now what?

I realize you're annoyed by what you perceive as a farce, but it's already had an important effect: some politicians are moving to tap into a fresh source of voters by proposing legislation to "get tough" on a heretofore unrecognized group of offenders, namely prosecutors.

I know you don't believe it, but that would be better than silence. I don't think we deserve a good response, just a response.

Also, nobody thinks the response is the end game...

Er, because the White House works for us and is theoretically accountable to us for the decisions it makes?

They could explain why they cannot or will not do what we want, on the record. I have little hope that they actually will though.

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