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So no one is to ever review the car from the perspective of a neophyte owner?

I seriously doubt anyone is going to spend $60-100k on a car that's well known to be different than all other cars and take it out on a road trip without any planning. If the author had charged the car when he had several opportunities to do so he would not have had any trouble.

I got a new car recently (gas powered) and I have not tried to test its range indicator by planning a trip to its capacity. If I did I would not take a detour through the largest city in the country or test out the acceleration. I also wouldn't stop at multiple gas stations and decide to not fill the tank. But hey, my article about sensibly using a vehicle wouldn't have made it into the NYT so what do I know.

Surely you wouldn't buy a $65,000 vehicle based on a new technology without at least reading about the pros and cons of that technology first?


If your neophyte owner never owned an object with a battery before and no one told him/her that battery charge drops if it is cold ... I fear he/she is no part of the modern world.

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