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I would probably have assumed that "question #5" and "Bonus Question #1" had typos and failed those questions.

    if (y = z)

    cout << 'j' << 'k';

You should always either ask to clarify or, if that is not possible, go with the literal statement of the question, and explicitly say so on your test paper. Any professor worth his/her salt will accept that and think even more highly of you, because they will recognize that you are able to think about the question on a higher level than most students.

If, on the other hand, you just silently "correct" the question in your mind, you will fail - especially in a course on programming, because the point is exactly that you have to learn to deal with computers that do not silently "correct" the program that you give them.

(a = b) inside an if (inside a test) is never a typo!!

That get me to think "this is the evillest thing I can imagine" =)

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