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That you think pork and hidden riders are acceptable is highly disturbing. Corruption should never be the norm.

"Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one" -Nietzsche

Pork isn't corruption. It's not illegal. It's a part of the democratic process. It is in the bill and it's voted on. It sounds like your issue is with democracy itself, not with corruption.

One man's pork is another man's job.

Jobs created by pork are disturbingly similar to public sector jobs, even when they're nominally private sector jobs enabled by government grants/contracts.

Create a section in a government agency to deal with some known problem, hire people directly into the government for that. Same effect, but you can't hide behind the false veneer of creating private sector jobs. It also becomes much more obvious that if you want to sustain those jobs in the long term you have to perpetually fund those salaries.

"Jobs created by pork are disturbingly similar to public sector jobs"

Which makes it all the funnier when "anti-gov't" politicians load up their bills with private-sector giveaways.

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