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It's ridiculous, they have a campaign to explain their iPhone is not the iPhone. They even highlight how their product is worse than Apple's (saying things like, "the Apple iPhone is faster, has more resolution"):


They probably made the campaign so no one can sue them for false marketing later, though they will surely sell units to uneducated parents thinking they got a really good deal on an iPhone for 1/3 of the price.

How is it ridiculous? They registered first, they say that their iphone is clearly not an Apple iPhone, they show the differences, so what's ridiculous about it? Seems pretty clear that it was their trademark first.

I know you're brazilian too but they did the right think by releasing that video. They clearly spent a few bucks on it and I'm sure they did it for their own good but you can't ignore the fact that they didn't tried to ride on Apple's profit wave and screw up customers at the same time. Most companies wouldn't.

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