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The Tea Party has nothing to do with civil libertarianism.

true. the tea party movement started on good principles, attracted the right wing rabble, and became the punching bag for left wing morons.

the tea party was started by a bunch of people who were just mad, disconnected and a little dumb... the govt, even tho a lot of them depend on it for the programs they rail against, seemed like a good target. out of control spending is a well tested phrase and 'tea party' has some good symbolism attached. you look at the cross tabs dissecting demographics and against their opinions and you really start to question what exactly they're thinking. would love to see multiple political parties emerge, and i know these people mean well, but their 'movement' is a hypocritical mess.

"the tea party movement started on good principles, attracted the right wing rabble"

The latter was always the plan, the former was as much lip service as offered by every other Republican politician.

I think it split into two parts when some intelligent people were talking about the dangers of Keynesianism and some idiots thought they were talking about Kenyans.

I don't tend to visit the local meet-ups, but the people they apparently run for office (which matter more to me) are the latter sort.

The disappearance of visible intelligence from the right doesn't justify your leftist position (or the implication of it). An unprincipled competent does more evil than a principled incompetent.

you might as well just call us libtards and be done with it.

Eh, it's more interesting than insulting. I'd be sincerely fascinated to know what they would do with the "rabble", and why they believe that the "rabble" wasn't being targeted by these "no waste" but assuredly nonsecular candidates.

Neither does collectivism.

I'm not making any promises here, it'd probably be better if the fiscal AND SOCIAL libertarians worked on their own party than rebranding and being fully digested by the battered Republican or Dem parties. The Dems, to their "credit", don't promise to be civil libertarians either.

"The Dems, to their "credit", don't promise to be civil libertarians either."

Only 1 or 2 republicans are talking about civil liberties but they are being disproportionately effective. Transforming an existing party is the only realistic direction, given the control the 2 parties have over the process. The activist dems are probably silenced by the success of the mainstream dems.

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