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unfortunately this guy is crazy...and on the far right fringe of things. in recent years, as more and more people have become involved in the political process we've developed this notion that there's a correlation between transparency and competency that simply does not exist. And the perceived transparency, such as some 100-200 word facebook post summarizing hundred page bills, is merely an illusion buffered by overly simplistic and misleading explanations.

Sounds like a case of 'I don't agree with him, therefore he must be crazy.'

yea, no. i'm pretty down the middle and appreciate opinions on all sides... but read more about this guy.

"Plain-speaking" and sincere don't have to make sense.

Why does his attempt at transparency, even though you doubt its earnestness, make him crazy? Most politicians give no justification at all, or only offer totally vacuous platitudes and other bullshit.

100-200 words of justification that you don't agree with/ doubt is still preferable to silence or some 5 minute interview on Meet the Press rife with passive-agressive rhetoric and demagogical nonsense.

where do i say his attempt at transparency is what makes him crazy? I actually think, distortion and all, it's a start. That said, you look through his voting history and talk w/ people on capitol hill, this guy is off his rocker...

and talk w/ people on capitol hill

Yeah, because those people are completely outside of a bubble and worth trusting. Really? You give a rat's ass about what the average "inside the Beltway" person has to say? They're the cause of most of our government problems, why would you trust anyone in DC who isn't swimming in the opposite direction?

I just read through a few pages of the explanations for his votes and I have read large portions of the discussed bills. Amash is being very thoughtful and responsible with the duties of his office in a way that very few in DC care to emulate.

this guy is off his rocker

You've offered no reason to believe that.

If you read his justifications, they make sense (or seem to at least.... I can't claim to read the hundred page bills). Its a little accountability at least.

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