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I disagree with Justin politically w.r.t. nearly everything, but I definitely admire his approach. He's also a genuinely thoughtful and nice guy, and very adept at explaining why he holds the positions he does.

Same here. I find he is able to defend himself on things I would never accept personally, and in a pretty sensible way. Granted, most of his votes are "more spending not offset by cuts"-type votes, but he also votes sensibly on some bills, with good justifications ("this bill creates redundant regulation.... congress doesn't need to do this, this agency already does it").

I admire his way of doing his job, even if I absolutely despise his political views.

How can you despise the political view of acting responsibly with taxpayer money? How can you look at the US Debt Clock (http://www.usdebtclock.org/) and not realize that we're committing the equivalent of child abuse by inflicting enormous debt on children who haven't even yet been born?

I'll never understand the hypocrisy of the group of voters that freaks out over a possible 1 degree shift in the average temperature of the planet over the next 50 years (that we may or may not have any control of whatsoever) -- yet doesn't want to take any action to slow down the runaway spending that will certainly destroy more lives in a much bigger way.

Honestly politics is so corrupt at this point that is rather vote for an honest politician who I disagree with than a corrupt politician who "supposedly" agrees with me.

And I'm not just saying platitudes. I live in Kent County, MI and voted straight democrat in 2012, except for Amash.

Thanks for saying something nice about him. Not many in the mainstream (liberals, center right, neo-cons, etc) are as gracious.

Me too, but I was surprised to see a cogent reasoning for voting against the No Budget No Pay act that changed my mind about it. It is refreshing to see an elected official explain his votes in a way that isn't simply national talking points.

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