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I really like the concept, but there are better venues for this kind of material. With just 1.5% of "People Talking About This" I suspect it's rare his 42,000+ Likes are seeing these posts in their News Feeds.

I highly doubt that the intent is to have each post seen in people's timelines.

It appears to be a place for constituents to "check up" on their representative in a way that is convenient and open. And I think that it's a bold cultural statement for a Congressman to make.

I used to think that open and honest people didn't stand a chance in Washington, but that may be changing.

It's about as good as Coca Cola (1.6%), and better than Nike (0.9%), Justin Bieber (1.0%) and Lady Gaga (0.9%). That number is never really that high except for the most viral stuff that people like because it's funny, like George Takei's page (108%).

i'm impressed that he's doing it at all. it's really hard for people who are not techies to realise facebook's intrinsic crappiness; at a superficial glance it seems like a fine choice for the purpose.

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