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I always produce Excel outputs from my applications and it works great, stops people from pestering me for stuff like different sorting options.

The problem comes when people start to view their database as the "point of truth" for some data and then want to suck their data back into the database because the sheet is "more upto date".

This of course is a hell of a problem when different people have different versions of said spreadsheet and want to somehow merge them all back together.

One advantage of macro laden spreadsheets though is that they are often much better for gathering actual requirements than some word document put together by committee.

I use Excel to bulk edit TFS (don't ask) work items. It works by having a plugin that lets you refresh and publish your changes back to the data source. Something like this for regular data would be ideal.

For those who might ask, it's actually useful when you have a series of work items that you want to rapidly change, like the status of a project, deadline, etc. It's a lot less time consuming to add a new row to a sheet rather than having to go through a series of menus and windows to get to where you need.

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