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I am Canadian. Can I do this?

Yes. If you can relocate to the Bay area for 3 months, get a visa for the time you'll be there, and also move your startup.

It's easier if you 1. try to get your visa as soon as possible (now), 2. haven't incorporated yet, 3. can move most, if not all cofounders to California.

EDIT: I'd like to add I'm not formally associated with Y-Combinator. Just trying to help.

You don't need a visa as a Canadian to visit the US for 3 months for business purposes, such as meeting with "prominent investors and advisors" ;)

Thanks for that info, I didn't know :)

I'm a Canadian and in the current batch. There are lots of alum from Waterloo and some from Toronto.

Of course, we've funded lots of Canadian startups. There are some in every batch.

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