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I'll risk some karma for this, as it's not the most appropriate place, nor is it the best way to introduce my idea.

I want to produce something similar to Google Fiber. I cannot give up my life and source of income to fly out to San Francisco and pursue the "cultural" side of incubation and all things startup related. I need a non-technical guy who understands the business side. I work at a community college as a NOC. If we landed a spot in YC, while you are in San Francisco doing that, I will be taking courses which specialize in this field.

My contact info is in my profile.

There are ~no college courses I've seen anywhere which are critical to starting a network carrier (assuming you have a high school+ level of understanding of basic math, English, etc.). I've done datacenter stuff and ISP (satellite, not fiber, except as a customer), and international. Everything else is either something you can learn yourself (Cisco certification is moderately helpful, but the rest is all either craft skills or dealmaking), or stuff you have to learn yourself (local politics).

If you really want to start a network like Google Fiber, JFDI. Neither college nor YC should delay you.

There is ~no chance you'll be building a national or global network out of the gate, though -- unless you have a lot of experience or some exogenous source of capital, you'd be doing a local network in some city or region, and then expanding from there.

It's worth noting that YC requires you to come out to San Francisco for the three-month duration and to work on your startup full-time. It's non-optional (and well worth it), as far as I know.

I'd be keen to participate in the "Cultural" side of Y Combinator if you would be keen to participate in the "Work" side of it :D

I'd like to point out that as of this writing, you have no contact info.

Just pointing this out.

Do you really believe some college courses and YC contacts are what's standing between someone and making a Google Fiber ISP?

There's a reason there's only one, and it's Google Fiber, and not Bob's Fiber of Main Street.

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