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It costs me nothing but a combined few hours to apply and interview. Given how many YC companies fail it's clear that YC is no silver bullet, but I do think I could get a lot out of it so it's worth the effort and rejection.

Not getting into YC hasn't slowed me down one bit. I'm on my second attempt at growing a business and I'm far smarter and self-aware than when I started. I'm doing quite well on my own now. I'd still probably benefit from YC a lot, but if I never get in then so be it.

So its more of a value-added activity than anything? Seems expensive to trade 7-10% of your business in exchange of network contacts. Have you ever explored the option of making those network contacts yourself?

Edit to the reply below

I'm just curious as to what benefits you get. I know of the program. Though I'm not their target market.

Im not being pedantic, just genuinely interested in your POV.

If you think YC is just network contacts you don't know much about it. And yes, I think YC can easily add that much value back to just about any startup.

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