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Django Unchained – Introduction to Python and Django (github.com)
91 points by bokmann on Feb 8, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

Name is almost as good as a great Brazilian django course, by the genius Henrique Bastos, called Welcome to the django: http://welcometothedjango.com.br

I didn't get it when Google decided to name their language Go because it was awfully hard to google. Same here : the name isn't bad but will be impossible to google for anyone forgetting to add "python" to their request.

Anyway, great initiative, I'm looking forward to read it ! (star or bookmark it if you intend to find it next week) :)

Yeah, googling that is impossible. If I remember correctly, I found it from Github search. Now there's 84 stars instead of 1. :)

cheers =)

+1 for anyone that takes the time to put stuff like this together.

With that said a cursory glance at the material raised a couple flags with me when I got to best practices...

Keeping in mind this tutorial is an introduction I think it would be really great to include the following:

1. Settings module in the project module with a simple example with base settings that can be extended/overridden with a local settings file. I've never worked on a Django project where this isn't needed and think it's a very good "best practice" that should be addressed.

2. Even if it is personal preference I do not think the slide detailing app specific templates in a project level template directory should be included. To spend time making code subdivided in to distinct application logic it doesn't make sense to have the templates excluded which reduces the portability / reusability of the app. Django contrib app structure (especially auth/admin interaction) is a good example of Doing It Right™ (or at least in the spirit of doing something right :)

Great points --- will add them to the list.

I love how this was found organically --- more slides and tutorials to come soon!

Hi, Love this idea. Keep up the good work. Questions What time zone? And what happens at that time? Where?

Awesome! Keep up the good work, lucky to have found it. When's the next session coming out btw?

course outline looks great. What time zone is this course in? and is this course recorded for replay somewhere?

Hey Guys --- the course ended last year, and it was an internal workshop we held at our company.(We're based in Toronto).

We will be starting a public facing workshop in the next coming weeks, you can check it out at http://www.theymc.com/.

I will definitely try get some recorded screencasts up for those of you not in Toronto.

I've used Django before, and I found it disappointing. Does the ORM still lack identity mapping? Does it still not let you run custom SQL and get the results back as model objects (instead of plain tuples)?

Do you still evaluate frameworks by bullet points of features you might never need (instead of evaluating the overall workflow and productivity)?

I said I've used Django before. The flaws I named are things that caused actual, serious problems in my project.

What's going on here? Are the folders supposed to correspond to the sessions? It seems to for the first one but then falls apart...

yes, the folders correspond to sessions -- haven't had too much time to polish it off (there should be slides in the folders as well)

So what is the state of the course?

Is this basically a self-paced, self-taught series of notes?

Either way, looks like a nice resource, so thank you.

The repo is a compilation of weekly workshops and collaborative discussions we held at our company.

We're looking to make screencasts of the upcoming public facing workshop (www.theymc.com), and open them up to everybody.

Under this repo or another one?

This one

Ohh, I expected this joke coming since I saw the movie ads.

When does the course start?

lol I was waiting for someone to do that.

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