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Any word on when they'll support purchasing from a UK bank account? Most of the other options are a bit more convoluted than the straight-forward system Coinbase seems to use.

Check out our guide here:


Edit: Why the downvote?

You can buy bitcoins with bank transfer from the UK (or other countries) here: https://bitcoinnordic.com/

You should take a look at blockchain.info. It is pretty straight forward and works with UK bank accounts (takes a couple minutes).

That's a good question. I'm waiting for Bitcoin-Central.net to support IBAN accounts before I intend to buy some Bitcoin myself, but it would be nice if Coinbase could do what they did so they can sell Bitcoin in Europe, and also though IBAN accounts.

Last time I checked, intersango[1] and mtgox[2] already supported SEPA transactions.

[1] https://intersango.com/fees.php

[2] https://support.mtgox.com/entries/20490576-Withdrawals-and-D...

I hate to "me too", but "me too".

I'd love to be able to use coinbase but I'm UK only. I'm unlikely to get involved with Bitcoin until something like Coinbase allows UK bank accounts.

(having said all that I'm going to be buying very small quantities of Bicoin.)

You might want to check out localbitcoins.com - our online buying process is pretty fluid, and we have lots of sellers selling for UK bank transfer.


Second these guys, managed to find a seller and complete the transaction in under ten mins! Although was only a small amount.

Why Coinabase and not for example intersango? It used to be britcoin and has been around for quite some time.

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