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Moving from Trello to Blimp (getblimp.com)
32 points by elving on Feb 8, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 30 comments

Blimp looks interesting, but I didn't know what it was until I clicked around, and I'm still not clear on the major differences between it and Trello. May I politely suggest that not everyone reading this post will know what Blimp is and may not take the effort to click around and read? You'd be doing yourself a favor by either: saying what Blimp is somewhere on that page, or providing a brief list of reasons I might want to switch from Trello to Blimp.

Just updated the blog post with an answer to "Why move from Trello to Blimp?" to summarize: Blimp understands the process your team is using so it can extract meaningful data from it. Head back to the blog post to read all of it.

This has been said numerous times on HN and elsewhere, but I would love to see what your pricing structure is outside of "starts at $12/month." I'm not going to give you my information just to see a pricing chart.

When you have a fixed process then extracting data out of it does not enable you to improve the process. It does enable you to improve other things but it might be adapting to the process given for you.

From what I could immediately gather, it does a better job at showing task to subtask relationships, makes it easier to delegate, and uses pretty fonts.

Trello has an extra level of nesting (Board -> List -> Card -> Checklist), shows more structure without scrolling, and tends to break a lot.

Agreed. The design is nice and one of the main reasons I would consider trying but it isn't clear why I should switch to blimp from trello.

+1 for switching because it's prettier. I like Trello, but man, it's really ugly …

Their site looks gorgeous, but I wish there was a video walkthrough or at least some full screenshots so I could see what the app itself looks like and how it functions.

Here you have the latests screencasts, they are a few weeks old but good enough. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP1NjAf7U2LsE52GsPwXxD...

Looked interesting enough to give them my email address and see what might be different.

Importer is broken.

sad trombone

>Made by the Blimp crew in San Juan, Puerto Rico

This made me happy. Cool to see a Puerto Rican startup on the front page of HN.

Are there other notable PR startups that I might not know about?

I am happy to see that too. Unfortunately a common trend in Puerto Rico is that it's best and brightest move to the states and only come home for navidad/three kings.

Puerto Rico has a growing startup community. Check out this article when you can.


Nuuton, Protocademy, Codejobs, and Marketing Bits (all mine).

iGenApps (http://igenapps.com) is another startup based in PR looking to revolutionize the mobile app creation process to be one super easy, portable and fun to do.

This is pretty cool! I wish other apps (I'm looking at you, to-do list apps) had the same "easy migration" philosophy.

I've started trying out the service, but coming from Basecamp, my team relies on their messages to keep ideas and project-related conversations archived with the rest of the project data. Any advice on how to do the same within Blimp?

Just wait a few days ;)

Awesome, thanks!

When trying to import I get: request expired

We are working on it. Seems to be an issue with our api keys but we can't confirm because the folks at Trello support haven't responded yet.

I suspect that response is going to take a while.

We've got your email. Someone from the dev team will reply shortly.

Just got the reply, thanks!

When a user starts working on that task he or she just have to click on it to let everyone know that he or she is working on that. Cool, but I can do that with Trello. Yes you can, but with Blimp if that task stays in the DOING state for more than 24 hours without being completed the system will email the user asking for an update on the task.

Sweet! automated micro-management!

Honestly I like a few things in concept with Blimp, but one of the things I tend to hate about most "Methodologies" is when they're not flexible to the realties of your team.

I agree with you on: "I tend to hate about most "Methodologies" is when they're not flexible to the realties of your team".

That's why we made Blimp in such a way that if you don't want to use the methodology you don't have to and you'll get a very nice task management app. But if you learn the simple process and use it, the app will become smarter and it will help you more, if you need that.

The more you use the process, the smarter Blimp gets.

Holy hell this software looks gorgeous, as does their website.

I can't find even pricing page.

from support chat: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BCRS1UOCQAETDr6.png:large (image with prices)

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