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Fabrice is awesome. I am also extremely impressed with the code written by a guy that goes by the name of Bisqwit. He has multiple videos speed coding here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bisqwit

Please tell me that NES emulator video is sped up. His typing speed (and accuracy) alone are phenomenal.

Last time these came up, it was said that they take the keystrokes, subtract the backspaces and play back everything else at the pace you see in the video.

Ironically, this guy is using his own editor on his videos (see kragen's post above).

(I'd never heard about DOSBox, and now that I installed it, just seeing the initial window threw me right back when I got my first 486 (and would connect to local BBSes using bananacom).

Do anyone know how these coding videos are created?

I don't know about the video, but there is a tool named Homura[1] that snapshots a file in Vim every so and often, and is able to generate a HTML file with interactive playback. Maybe it can be of some help. I found a sample online too[2]

[1]: http://uguu-archive.appspot.com/homura/manual.html

[2]: http://uguu-archive.appspot.com/nyaruko/edit.html

There is also another tool called http://www.showterm.io which will record your entire terminal session, not just VIM. So if you have to exit VIM to do something else in bash, it's also recorded ;). Very nifty tool!

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