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This is exactly backwards. The more people there are who are skilled, educated, and working, the more resources are produced. Resources aren't manna from heaven, they are the products of human labor and ingenuity. In 50 years we'll be using robots to pluck Neodymium and Copper from the ground and Iridium from asteroids. We're not going to be running out of resources, we're going to be wealthier and resources are going to be more abundant.

It's easy to imagine that we'll "run out" of "resources" because in theory many resources are in finite supply. But in reality the hard natural limits are so high as to be effectively infinite over extremely long periods of current levels of use and historically humans have gotten more and more clever about finding new methods to extract or produce resources that previously were not available.

Moreover, our increasing wealth and technological capabilities have made it possible to reduce and reverse our environmental impact and encroachment of habitats.

Personally, I like my life and I think it's worth living, and indeed even justified, and I think that denying the ability to live a similar lifestyle to others simply because they were born into a different part of the world is just know-nothing nonsense and veiled racism.

I assume you also believe governments can spend their way out of debt?

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