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It's an interesting question to ask here because Paul Graham has said that he prefers to listen to people who do not speak well in public because they sound more authentic, and it shows they care more about their work than giving a good impression of their work.

My opinion is that people who have had to speak value those skills and everyone else has no idea that it is even a skill, so it will be necessary to teach people that your services are needed or should be wanted.

Edit: Just to be clear, I know Paul must value these skills. I meant by the first paragraph that his idea of good public speaking is at odds with what is commonly considered to be good public speaking.

I appreciate the input, it helps me gauge what people are looking for. I rephrased the question to be more concise and better catered to the needs of this community, if you could let me know your thoughts on this post it would really help, thanks for your time:


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