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Matterport (YC W12) automatically makes online 3D copies of physical places
on Feb 8, 2013 | hide
We're building a 3D reconstruction system that makes it easy for anyone to automatically build 3D models of physical spaces such as houses in just a few minutes. We have an initial version of our product in beta with large companies in real estate, construction, and home improvement, and things are going very well. You can check out what our reconstructions look like at http://matterport.com/explore/ Our vision is to provide an end-to-end solution for not just capturing but also publishing, sharing, and modifying real-world 3D data online.

We just raised close to $4 million, and we're now working hard to deliver the production version of our product later this year. Our total team is 10 people right now, and we're poised to do a good bit of hiring in the next few months. It's a great time to join. We’re large enough that you’re coming in to a well-organized team with great tools and a lot of support but small enough that your individual contribution will be crucial to our product’s success. We’re also large enough that we can pay you a good salary but small enough that we can give you a significant chunk of equity.

We're proud to be creating something incredibly useful. This is going to become a vital tool for the millions of professionals who work with 3D spaces on a daily basis, including real estate companies, remodelers, insurance companies, construction companies, building operators, architects, retail designers, and more. Our beta customers are excited and clamoring to buy our production cameras as soon as they are available.

We are all experienced founders and were previously early employees at PayPal and Google. We like to work hard and get shit done. We are intellectual and curious. We know how to communicate and get along. We're goofy and keep the work atmosphere fun. Most of all, though, we're driven to change the world in a deep and meaningful way.

We’re looking to fill the following positions right now:

- iOS developer: You’ll make the control software and interface for the Matterport camera, which uses the iPad as a display during the capture process. You’ll also create the experience for browsing captured 3D models on iOS.

- Software engineer with experience in computer vision: You’ll make our reconstruction process even more reliable and easy to use, and you’ll make the final results look even better.

- Software generalist with solid C++ and math skills: You’ll design and implement many of the important steps in the reconstruction process, making them fast and reliable.

- Unity developer: You’ll be responsible for the way people experience our 3D reconstructions online.

Email jobs@matterport.com if interested.

Learn more at http://matterport.com

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