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Wizard Modals for Bootstrap (github.com)
188 points by daenz on Feb 7, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 27 comments

I really like this. I had done something similar in a project, but this execution really ignites my imagination. Really well done. I am curious if chosen.js would have to be modified to handle backbone style async, I know it's been strange in cases like that.

Pretty cool and thanks for releasing for free! That said, why would you put a multi-step wizard inside of a modal? Seems like bad UI to me. Modals should be used for quick data collections, small actions or context-aware warnings/insights. Using one for something that is complicated enough to need a wizard just seems like a bad idea.

Just wondering how you would vary presentation of a wizard? I have a modal wizard in one of my applications and it has been well received by users. I'm not as in love with it as I was as when I wrote it, but I'm still not sure how to improve it. I'm always interested to learn mo' betta UI/UX approaches

I would put any non-trivial wizard steps in dedicated pages.

Anything more than a couple of steps pushes it, yeah. I was going to say no more than three, but I can't even talk myself into three. Maybe no more than 2 for a modal-wizard, but at that point it is barely a wizard.

Great idea. Wizards are definitely useful for a variety of projects, so it's nice to be able to get one off the ground without having to consider the UI too much more than one needs to.

When I zoom in to view the page (on Android, but I guess this will happen with zooming on many browsers), the page is not scrollable horizontally, meaning only the center of the modal is visible on the screen. This seems to happen with almost every modal implementation I've seen.

I see that a lot myself.. I started to be hyper aware of it when I used a netbook for a year... a lot of modals were off screen.. got really familiar with F11 and ctrl+/-

Unrelated to this component, but the Monitoring Location step shows a limitation in the Chosen select library; the dropdown is attached inside the parent container.

I ran into the same issue and went with Select2. It's forked from Chosen and solves this positioning problem (and adds remote AJAX loading and other cool features). http://ivaynberg.github.com/select2/

I'm not familiar with Select2, but it's easy enough to fix this if you don't have a lot of content in .modal-body; simply define overflow: visible and it will render outside of the container.


Say I'm on Twitter's web site. Most of the time, I just want to browse tweets. So don't pollute the site with a new tweet from that I rarely need. Sometimes I want to send a tweet though. Refresh the whole page (with a trip the server), just to pop up a new tweet form? I want to get back to my Twitter stream after this tweet. Just put some UI front and center so I can focus on that one new tweet.

Modal dialog boxes have plenty of good uses. But most of all, they're an option. Another tool to use.

1. The simplest solution to the problem you described is to have a simple link to the new tweet form, which the user would middle-click to open in a new tab. It requires no fancy coding and allows for remarkably smooth workflow.

2. Does your server demands a human sacrifice for every request it processes or something? And if so, do you not include any images, fonts or script files on your pages and inline everything?

3. Modal popups don't just display new information. They block access to everything else in the window. In the wast majority of cases doing that is pointless and stupid. The evolution of Firefox UI is a great example of how much more usable modal-less interfaces really are.

Modals used effectively reduce the complexity of a webapps primary view, exposing only what you want to see at a time.

If you feel modals have wronged you in this life as you seem to, there is no point in trying to persuade your short-sightedness.

You're commenting on the now deleted original post I comment on, right? Because I think modals a great and perfectly valid for a lot of things.

Great addition to a priceless service. Bootstrap definitely really opened up the world of web design and this is a great addition

Interesting. I've actually been building/modifying a javascript wizard all week for a rails app. I'll give this a test drive.

This is awesome.

Suggestion: I thought the progress bar was much longer, spanning the total lower part of the modal, up to the buttons, because there is so little contrast. If I were using it as a real wizard, i might have aborted, thinking there were maybe 10 times as many steps involved.

wow... just today I started looking for a wizard for a new project and this is exactly what I had in mind. will have to translate that CSS to LESS though.

Looks great, although some of the styling (at least in the demo) seemed to clash with the Bootstrap theme.

This would be great if it didn't require bootstrap. Any similar modal wizards around?

Is the progress supposed to not go back when you go back? It's kind of odd.

Maybe the site is getting too much traffic.

Can't host the demo's on github pages?

Author here. I've put a demo here http://amoffat.github.com/bootstrap-application-wizard/ temporarily. The docs page is still DDosed, but should be back shortly.

EDIT>> docs are back http://www.panopta.com/2013/02/06/bootstrap-application-wiza...

Does it support IE7?

just tested in IE8 and works great.not sure about IE7

Do you really need IE7 support?

Unfortunately, IE7 in my case should be supported. There are a lot of users (ordinary ones, that don't upgrade a lot) that are stuck with it.

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